Heartbeats Journal

Heartbeats Journal Volume 5

  • Impact of Community Health Angels Monitoring Programme: Evaluating a Pharmacy Service-Learning Programme

    By Gan Jia Min, Imran Shah S/O Rahman Shah & Luah Xiao Wen
  • Developing Healthcare Sector Client Personas and Schemas: A Qualitative Study

    By Lai Wei Xuan, Annabelle Ng Siow Shyen & Tan Chai Hoon, Nowel
  • Our Stories On Dignity: Narratives of the Nursing Home Experience

    By Ngui Jia Yi & Tan Jia En, Elizabeth
  • Mapping the Needs and Aspirations of Middle Income Pre-Retirees in MacPherson, and Recommendations for Overcoming Social Isolation

    By Bian Ruoyi, Ng Xu Jie & Lim Ting Sarah
  • Creating an Evaluation Framework for Highpoint’s Secular Reintegration Programmes

    By Ho Kai Ling Phyllis & Raag Sudha Sanjay
  • Characteristics and Potential of Effective Prosocial Networks Supporting Ex-Offenders’ Reintegration: An Exploratory Analysis

    By Amanda Tang Jing Qing, Jocelyn Joy Gwee Ci En & Dinh Hai Bao Lien
  • Unravelling Education as a Perpetuator of Social Inequality: School Banding as a Distorter of Opportunities and Resource Availability

    By Andy Lua Jia Hui & How Kwang Ming
  • Standing in the Gap: An Analysis of Personal Experiences with the Social Service Office

    By Tan Xin Le, Hillary & David Lim Shing Yang
  • Building a Better Living Environment for Migrant Workers in Singapore

    By Wynona Alim